About this class

Birds are amazing animals! They are extremely intelligent, quite social, and some can make ideal companions! From parrotlets to parakeets, and canaries to cockatoos, there are many species of birds to choose from when considering these feathered friends as pets. In this free online class, you'll learn everything you need to adopt or foster a bird and give it the best life it deserves.

Our bird care class is an excellent way to get started caring for a new bird or brush up on bird care for the experienced bird owner.

The class takes approximately 2 hours to complete and is entirely self-paced. To finish, you must reach 100% course completion and receive above 80% on each quiz. Once you complete the course EBR will be notified and will contact you for next steps in the adoption, fostering, or volunteering process.


Lesson 1: Fundamental information about keeping birds as pets, including a species comparison, anatomy explanations, and a cage guide.

Lesson 2: Introduction to parrot diet and health, including our recommendations for pelleted food, grooming, and veterinary care.

Lesson 3: Introduction to parrot behavior, with discussion about body language, vocalization, and feather destruction behavior.

Lesson 4: Introduction to pet bird enrichment, including toy and training suggestions.